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Lo hice y omg requiere tanto y en cuanto pones tu numero de telefono empiezan las llamadas de aseguranza. Newspaper delivery person is stealing coupon inserts out of all the papers before delivering them to stores and gas stations. Has been doing this since First week in January. My local paper tells me that the inserts are put in at a different location and not at the newspaper itself. This place does a run of inserts and puts them in and then the newpaper theirselves are at the end of a run.

Where they may not get any inserts at all. They have no control over this. They may get inserts if there is extra and they may not. That is why sometimes Walmart wont have both inserts in the paper. One insert will be in Saturday paper and the other insert may be in Mondays paper. The advice the newspaper gave me was to check your newspaper before buying it.

Also, check your local free community papers. We have two free local papers that are distributed to the convenience store, grocery store and Post Office in our borough. Also, some local restaurants might carry and distribute the free community paper in your area. I ask everyone I know. Right now, my 5 kids save for me and 2 neighbors save for me. I always look for tearpads in the store. My hubby says I could spot a coupon from across the parking lot.

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One can also check their local Community Action agency or Office for the Aging agency as both places usually have coupons which are donated by people in the community. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share You may also like. View all posts.

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Great tips. I always ask my non couponing family for their inserts lol. I need as many ads as i can get! I coupon for 2 houses! It adds up to coupon. I always buy 4 papers each Sunday i know there will be inserts, so free would be much cooler lol. Deja leo bien de que se trata y te digo tu Ya lo I siste???

Trate pero luego te pide d telefono y un monton de Preguntas.

Shocking Trip To The Dollar Tree For Sunday Coupon Inserts

I hate the show because of they are sending a bad message about couponers…. I totally agree with you. My local Dollar tree Alabama has begun handing out newspapers to each customer.

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Now even with him purchasing our normal 3, he mentioned a male customer purchase 21 papers every Sunday. I feel there should be a limit of 2 no more than 3 papers per customer, that way every waiting customer is served. The goal is to save money NOT to hoard products that will probably go bad.

I am by no means an extreme couponer- a few extra things here and there. I taught a friend of mine how to use coupons more effectively and to save some money- turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes. She buys twenty to fourty papers at the local dollar tree every week. She regularly clears off shelves and loves to tell everyone about it. Not just saving money. I, like you, am not an extreme couponer. I subscribe and get 2 papers Wed-Sun delivered. I have found that I always have to check to make sure the inserts are there before buying. Last week I had to go 4 papers down the stack to find one with inserts.

Then today at Walmart I saw a woman on the candy aisle take the inserts out of a newspaper and shove them under a diaper bag in her cart. Then she stuffed the newspaper under the shelf of candy and left it.

I was so appalled! I was a Hallmark Manager. I had one lady tell me that since she was pregnant that she could get TWO Princess Diana beanie babie bears limit one per person.

Now, these people were not even buying anything else for the most part. I did not have time for that nonsense. I felt horrible for my regular customers. Asking a store to supervise really silly people is ridiculous. Now, I agree, perhaps they could cut this out by changing the policy to 2 or3 per family, however, you know as well as I know… mommy and daddy will just split up… but I suppose that would get a few more people in their store.

I also worked in a drug store… we had ordering control. Hopefully this whole coupon thing will die down a bit. I for one have taken 4 weeks off now. I am burnt out. I have gone for the obvious deals. Hopefully I will get my enthusiasm back in a week or two. I would have taken a look at that line and gone home. At least I have 2 papers at home already. I have 4 offers left I got 5 as a subscriber that can be taken advantage of for another 4 weeks or so.

I was signed up last year by a friend, so I know there are NO BILLS and NO obligations to keep it after a year… and when that year is up you can re-subscribe for another year for two cents again and they give you 5 offers for friends. I am in OC and would love a Register subscription! She was definitely losing customers by not limiting the purchases to so many per family unit. People will leave there and go to another Dollar Tree or convenience store. They let me look at each one and make sure they have all of the circulars….

I had to ask for them as they were kept behind the customer service counter. If the policy at Dollar Tree states 3 per person, then those people were within their rights to 3 each in the family but extreme in their stretching of the store policy. If it reads 3 per family then they should enforce their own policy. People will become unhappy and quit coming to the store to get the paper and then the managements whole idea of profiting from selling other items to make up for the loss from selling the papers is in vain.

Inserts in the Sunday paper

Clearly the people in the Dollar Tree today have very cheap self-respect. All for coupons. I have gotten some tips from the show,but it is not like every day life. Not everyone everywhere can attain those levels of savings. It takes time for one to build up your coupons, and learing when a sale is a good sale to use your coupons.

A lot of people were afraid of what that show would do. I am like really? I think if people are going to try doing what they do on the show, they need to watch and listen. I am a hugh couponer, but I do NOT go to those extremes. I refuse to even dumpster dive and I do just fine with my papers ever week. Just like at Walgreens where people do a large number of transactions getting the money making or cheap deals. I go every Sunday at 9 a. The clerk at my store goes as far as setting aside 24 papers for one couponer who comes in every Sunday to pick them up.

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Yes, they go fast, but I guess the early bird gets the worm, at least around here in Michigan anyways. I live in michigan and our dollar store offers the sunday paper but I go to Walmart and get it because it is only. Those Crazy Couponers have ruined it for the rest of us!

12222 Sunday Coupon Inserts Schedule

I have always used coupons when i go shopping,been over 20 years now. I am thankful that the area i live in all the cashiers at all the stores know me and trust me. I save a lot of money when i go shopping,but i also put in a lot of time. I am in no sense of the word an Extreme Couponer,just a smart shopper.

I would have said WTF! I went to my local food city a little bit ago and got my Bristol Herald Carrier paper which has both smart source and redplum in them. I have to check to make sure the coupons are in each on of them because there are coupon theives out there you like to go through all of the papers to make sure each one has both coupon inserts. I mean I understand them giving him away after store hours or something but sheesh I should be able to get my newspaper without having to worry about my inserts not being there. I think they just shot themselves in the foot.