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Visitor Posts. Calvyn Satria. Putra Widodo. Janine Lorna Nixdorf. Thanks for the inspirational content. I thought I would share with I love your page See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Hi GetRich Mania! Hi Getrich Mania! Welcoming The Halloween event celebration, there will be an interesting event you can follow and get interesting prizes tho! Event: Halloween event celebration Period: October 25, October 29, pm How to participate: 1. Screenshot Your Halloween character while playing in the comment column, then respond to this halloween update!

Gift List: 1. Starcandy Cube for all the berpartisipan mania the who follow all conditions! Let's celebrate Halloween together at let's get rich! Grab the card, throw the dice, take your opponent's city! Let's play let's get rich! See More. As one of the Halloween celebrations in let's get rich there is a Halloween Devil's lottery event that will accompany you! Of course you have a chance to get him tho!! The way is so easy! Read the caption until it runs out! You guys are quite login during the event period and get " a devil lottery ticket x1" every day.

Play 1 x during the event period, and get " a devil lottery ticket x1" every day.

If you open the ticket, you can get a devil 1 to a devil 4. Let's collection a devil 1 until a devil 4, redeem it and achieve a total of 1, him! Rayakan Halloween Bersamaku! Aku mengajak kalian semua untuk bersenang-senang! Celebrate Halloween with me!

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I invite you all to have fun! Me, devil Romy, the girl who wants to celebrate Halloween with humans in the world get rich! I will spread my presence with my cute picture!

[Android/IOS] Official LINE Let's get rich thread - Part 2

Use this very limited moment on your devices! Penasaran dengan skill yang dimiliki Devil Romy? You must have known, with bunny Romy right? The little bunny card that was so cute with the arrow first.

Nostalgic Right? This time, she comes back with a new name and look! Devil Romy Curious about the skill devil Romy has?


Do you think the pendant set is suitable for devil romy so he can shake the world get rich? Give your response in the comment column yes! Having a sky town plan excess? Combine it! Don't waste it! Achieve an interesting gift! Pendant tipe Town Plan bertambah lagi! Kesempatan menang lebih tinggi dari langit! Pendant Type Town plan increases again! Chance to win higher than the sky!

This is sky town plan! What Card do you think is suitable for this sky town plan? Let's name it and explain why they fit! What's more exciting, you can play and fight it at once!

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Don't miss too y'all will have a chance to get rewards! Streamers will invite those who have been friends with nmid live on the line account on the lobby of the match if you are chosen to be their opponent, you will get Diamond Rewards, and for the winner will get the cushion cushion official line. The steps you have to do after being chosen to be the player who will play with them is: 1. Screenshot while you guys are playing with them make sure your ign is seen on screenshot 2. Send your screenshot and line id to chat line nmid live maximum 2 hours after playing. For 1 users who win against them will get reward 1 Doll Cushion Official line then will be directly contacted by cm Netmarble!

Account Official Line Let's get rich Indonesia for line is a verified line game.

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Account Streaming line le ' ts get rich Indonesia is under the name of look live. The account is only used for streaming needs and confirmation of mabar winners. This live video has ended. October 22 at AM. Watch Now. Special today! There is a special login and play event! Aku kembali dengan penampilan, kekuatan baru dan julukan baru, namaku Immortal Claudia!

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I'm back with the appearance, new power and new nickname, my name is immortal Claudia! I want to spread my beauty to the whole getrich mania now! Share this beautiful picture of mine for you guys to use on your devices! The time is limited. Pertama dia muncul dengan cantik dan anggun dari rambut biru nya, yaitu Claudia Kali ini dia kembali dan telah dibangkitkan kembali oleh Dewa dengan kekuatan barunya! You guys must be familiar with this one character right? First she shows up pretty and graceful from her blue hair, namely Claudia This time he returns and has been resurrected by the God with his new power!

Immortal Claudia Curious about the new power he has?