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Use them to download most of the cord-cutting apps you'd want. If you don't have a smart TV, get a media hub. Several Blu-ray players also integrate media hub options.

The Ultimate Cord Cutter's Guide

Media streaming devices hubs come in two other main forms: a thumb-drive sized unit that plugs into the HDMI port on the TV, or a larger hub that's more of a set-top box. If you don't like Amazon, there's also the Google Chromecast. Roku, pictured above, is a big player in this area. Again, Roku makes an entire line of products like this, but our analysts haven't cared for some of the latest. The key to effective cord-cuttery is being aware of what apps are available on your hardware of choice, knowing the programming on the various services, and just how much they're going to cost you.

The types of apps you can use to watch streaming video break down into the following main categories:. However, there are a couple more odd streaming options for those who still have a cable or satellite subscription:. They're subscription-based, let you watch whatever you want whenever you want, depending on availability , and offer original movies and series. Some originals are prestige programming, some are foreign imports, some are cheap junk—so a lot like all OTA TV.

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Netflix is the grand pappy of online streaming. It started as a DVD-by-mail rental service, and while that's still part of its business, streaming is what it's known for now. It's got a slew of original shows, far too many to mention here. This makes Netflix a destination, giving it not only market share, but mind share, but the competition is fierce. Here's a complete list of devices with Netflix support.

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It doesn't have add-ons, extra channels, or live TV. Netflix is an island and it likes it that way. For original programming, Hulu started weak, but hit it out of the park with The Handmaid's Tale. It's also done some amazing Stephen King adaptations like There are a smattering of movies, but Hulu's strength is TV shows. That's the same or cheaper than paying for those channels separately, but you get them all in the Hulu interface.

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This doesn't even cover the Live TV option from Hulu —more on that below. Prime Video is a nice hybrid of an all-you-can-eat streaming service like Netflix, plus a video-on-demand store, with plenty of original content to go with it. Amazon has invested heavily in creating original TV shows. Maisel and Fleabag. You can also rent or buy a movie to stream, even if it's not part of the Prime streaming—just pay for it on Amazon. It technically gives Prime Video the largest catalog of available content of any streamer.

Want to add on services? If YouTube is a staple of your cord-cutting experience—and with millions of hours of video uploaded every second, it probably should be—then maybe this paid experience which used to be called YouTube Red will be to your liking. After a one-month trial, 12 bucks a month gets you completely ad-free YouTubing—plus access to original shows behind the paywall.

You can even download some shows for watching later when you don't have connectivity.

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A subscription also includes YouTube Music Premium. Don't confuse it with YouTube TV , which is discussed below. Pretty ubiquitous among the streaming hubs, Sony-owned Crackle offers an eclectic selection of content for free, mostly with ads. We are talking really bad commercials cut in at odd moments in movies—sometimes in the middle of a scene—as if an algorithm handles the edits rather than a human. The movies tend to be pretty craptacular with occasional Sony-owned gems. Crackle is trying more and more to do original content, but nothing has become mainstream.

When you're the No. That's why CBS launched its own streaming service. You get one week to try All Access for free before the fee is applied. Six or nine bucks a month gets you access to some of the most popular shows on TV the day after airing, including Mom and Survivor , even daytime shows.

You can insert your own joke here about how the Tiffany Network is for your grandparents. Also included: some live sports. Coming soon: Star Trek: Picard, which is going to be reason enough for a lot of us dorks to subscribe. Other streaming services you might want to check out. Many are also add-on channels with services above like Amazon Prime Video. There are also anime-specific streaming services like Funimation and Crunchyroll. For some services, it wasn't enough to just provide on-demand streaming of shows.

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  5. They wanted to take on cable itself, by providing a cable-television subscription experience over the internet. Live TV streaming services won't necessarily give you super-granular control over content— it's not really like you pay just for the few channels or shows you really want to watch. However, they provide access to a lot of content you might not otherwise get without a cable subscription—especially news and sports.

    They are also known to some people who like unpronounceable acronyms as virtual multi-channel video programming distributors MVPDs. We talked about Hulu above as an on-demand streamer, but it can be much more. Yeah, you pay more, but it provides access to the entire Hulu library we discussed above, plus lots of cable channels, including many local affiliates that stream live depending on your location with sports more on that below and kids programming. Fifty hours of cloud DVR is built-in and holds your shows indefinitely.

    It runs on almost every device sans PS4, but including the Nintendo Switch. There's a reason this is our 4-star winner. Premium is mainly a commercial-free version of regular ol' YouTube. You get unlimited online cloud DVR option at no cost, three simultaneous streaming screens, and it runs on almost any device. There are Kids extras, News extras, Sports extras, and more. The channel selection is pretty extensive, but Sling doesn't carry every channel under the sun.

    You can get it in Spanish, or even order it in many other international flavors. There's a reason the PlayStation doesn't have apps for a lot of other streaming services: it has its own exclusive live TV streaming setup—and thankfully, it's not limited to PS4 use only. Each new tier of service adds more channels. And you can pause or rewind or fast forward on every channel.

    All of them. Plus there's no lack of entertainment and news channels to watch live, including local network affliates. Add-ons include Showtime which is included in the Ultra tier. It's available on most of the usual devices, but not the game consoles. What it does have are 58 channels for lifestyle and entertainment at an almost bargain price. There's unlimited cloud DVR recording, but it only holds a show for 30 days.

    Whether you like Philo depends on if you like the channel lineup, but if you do, you'll like it plenty. Adding Showtime, Starz, or Epix is an option. You can watch it on almost any device, but not on game consoles. Cloud DVR option doesn't cost anything extra but is limited to 20 hours of video for 30 days. It also includes Spanish and International add-ons, but the packages don't build on each other logically.

    Its recent changes make it the lowest scoring live TV streamer we've reviewed. Streaming of sporting events is an odd duck in this world, where much of what you see is pre-aired and recorded. Fans want their sports live.

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    Thankfully every single one of the above live TV streaming services frequently have excellent sports channels included fuboTV in particular, as it started with a sports focus or as add-ons. You can also get premium sports channel add-ons on Amazon Prime Video. It's also our top pick for streaming games from the National Football League. But there are a couple of services that are so specifically sports-oriented that you may want to consider them. This is an inexpensive way to get some select live sports and lots of archived ESPN shows, but that doesn't make up for what it lacks: which is a lot of flagship ESPN programming no Sports Center! This is more of a complementary service, not the real deal, but that's why it costs so little. Dazn pronounced Da-Zone focuses on boxing and mixed martial arts MMA events which includes lots of pay-per-view matches in the price , plus a few other sports in the US that don't usually get big coverage, like darts, cricket, and soccer out of Japan.

    There's no free trial, but it all might be worth it for fight fans.

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    In our tests, it didn't work with a VPN service running , because like may sports streamers, Danz content is very region-specific and they don't want to mess with that.