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Akureyri, a city in northern Iceland, sits at the base of the Eyjafjorour Fjord. Venturing a little outside the city centre will lead to the best views, especially on clear nights from September through April. Our team of experienced tour specialists have travelled to hundreds of countries around the globe and have decades of first-hand travel experience to share. Contact us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered! See all northern lights tours.

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The best places to see northern lights The northern lights can be seen in numerous destinations located near the Arctic! Popular northern lights holiday packages. Search for the shimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. Get to know Finnish culture on a history tour of Helsinki. Spend the night surrounded by wilderness in a glass igloo. Sip warm berry juice, a Finnish winter tradition. Encounter the active volcano brewing beneath a glacier. Bathe in the blue lagoon, a nourishing seawater spa.

Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus in Lapland, Finland

Visit the Golden Circle and admire the Gullfoss waterfall. See all Tours. Mid-August to early March Dark, clear days. Northern lights tours for every budget.

The best places to see northern lights

What are northern lights? Where to see Aurora Borealis? When can you see the northern lights? Useful links How to photograph the northern lights Northern lights vs southern lights: what's the difference What are the southern lights 3 day tours 7 day tours 10 day tours 2 week tours 3 week tours. Start your northern lights holiday from Tour packages by duration. Discover exciting adventure tours in some of the most enticing destinations from all over the world. Start your next holiday with a tour that will suit your travel style and budget. You can expect a few early mornings, great wildlife photography opportunities and the chance to travel with a group of like-minded individuals who love the great outdoors just like you.

Among the most popular destinations for vacations include Europe the Alps , Asia the Himalayas and Africa Kilimanjaro.

Get ready to enjoy your next adventure vacation! Start your search by filtering for must-see destinations and sort by "Biggest Deals" to discover an incredible selection of holiday packages including today's prices.

Northern lights holiday guide

Is it guaranteed I will see northern lights during my tour? While there are certainly things you can do to increase your chances of seeing the northern lights see above , there are no guarantees that travellers will see them. Anything from light conditions to cloudy weather can make the difference between seeing the lights and not, and some nights they may not appear at all! What other activities are offered during the tour? Depending on the tour, there are often many other activities travellers can enjoy during their search for the northern lights!

Adventurous travellers can enjoy dogsledding, skiing, snow-shoeing, and snowmobiling , while those looking for a slower pace will love the many museums and cultural offerings at many northern lights destinations. Of course, the gorgeous nature is a draw in and of itself! Can you see the northern lights when there is a full moon? Thankfully, that is simply not true! How long do the northern lights last?

As with many questions about the northern lights, the answer to this is: it depends! On active nights, the northern lights can be seen all night long. However, other times the display only lasts for about ten minutes.


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Arctic Range Adventure 5. Exodus Travels 4. Cost of a local call. Calls from mobile or other networks may vary. For special assistance please call our team of experts who will advise on the best hotels for you. Pick a departure date. Choose your number of nights. Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights or an Aurora Borealis illuminating the dark winter skies?

These celestial colours are a must on every bucket list. But where and when can you see the Northern Lights? Luckily, at easyJet holidays we've handpicked the best package holidays for you to choose from and that will make your trip to the best arctic and snowy landscapes, an amazing experience. Reykjavik Lights by Keahotels. Storm Hotel by Keahotels.


Skuggi Hotel by Keahotels. Experience sumptuous architecture and the best guest services around, and relax within walking distance of beautiful galleries, churches landscapes and more in one of our top destinations.

Enjoy some outdoor ice skating, experience the bustle of the city centers or head out into the countryside to find volcanoes, geysers,thermal spring baths to astound and many more attractions. Alda Hotel Reykjavik. Apotek Hotel by Keahotels. Enjoy mountainous views, and scenic hikes together. Flight and Hotel, 2 Nights, Double room, Room only.

Radisson Blu Borg by Keahotels. The Aurora Borealis was named in honour to the Roman goddess. This natural wonder takes place when different atmospheric elements harmonise every year in the North Pole area.

Classic Northern Lights Holiday - 3 days

Its appearance depends mostly on the solar activity and the darkness of the nights. But despite the weather conditions, chances are the aurora borealis take place during the obscurity of the winter months, especially between September to mid-April and in some regions between November and February. Generally, people immediately think of Iceland when they want to see the Northern Lights, and the reason why is because Iceland has beautiful and wide landscapes and a star-filled sky making the whole experience a unique memory of this amazing country.

Both countries offer the best conditions for you to spend a relaxing and amazing stay and for you to be able to see the Northern Lights. The best way to get there is to plan your holidays to Stockholm and book a few days in Kiruna so you can enjoy these captivating lights.

Shove along the coast of Caithness on the north of the country to spot them and simply wait for the phenomenon to occur so you can experience this unique moment.